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NOTICE: We have adopted Saxton et al. (1986) for educational purposes only. If you are a researcher, consultant or a government official signing off legal documents, please use the latest version of the Soil Texture Triangle Hydraulic Properties Calculator for bulk densities. The software can be downloaded from the following website:

Click on the any area of the triangle to obtain the soil texture class. Bulk density values are only available for the shaded areas as shown in the Canadian texture triangle. However, please note that the textural classes in the U. S. and Canadian systems are identical except that the Canadian texture triangle only uses the information for % clay and % sand to define these.

Percent Sand
Percent Clay
Percent Silt
(US System)
Bulk density

For multiple comparisons, use the work table.  [Click here to go to Work Table]


Bulk densities for the shaded area (Saxton et al. 1986).
Adaption to the Canadian soil texture triangle by