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A casual observation of soil profiles indicate an accumulation of organic matter in the surface horizons and modification of parent materials in the subsurface horizons. A closer examination shows that there are significant differences in the texture, structure and color of soil horizons in a soil profile.

The physical properties of soil represent the state of the soil and also influence its function. Mineral soils develop from diverse parent materials or sediments which are impacted by action of ice, wind, water and man. These materials have an assortment of sizes (texture) and influence the physical framework (structure) of soil as well as physical, chemical and biological properites of soil.

In general, the movement of air, water, ions and particles in soil is strongly influenced by the initial composition of the inorganic (mineral) component of soil. The weathering of the inorganic component and the simultaneous synthesis of organo-mineral complexes into aggregates and horizons leads to the formation of the physical framework (structure) of soils.

The sum total of all the soils is termed as the "pedosphere". The pedosphere is the skin of the Earth and only develops when there is a dynamic interaction between the atmosphere (air in and above the soil), biosphere (living organisms), lithosphere (unconsolidated regolith and consolidated bedrock) and the hydrosphere (water in, on and below the soil). The pedosphere is the foundation of life on this planet.

There is a realization that the pedosphere needs to be distinctly recognized as a dynamic interface of all terrestrial ecosystems and be integrated into the Earth System Science knowledge sphere. Also, the pedosphere needs to be studied, valued, enhanced and treated in a sustainable and an ethical manner.

Since its inception in 1999, aimed to become a repository of Soil Science knowledge through partnerships with major international organizations and also be an active player in global Soil Science education by creating high quality, interactive resources that engage Soil Science students, instructors and professionals.

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News & Site Updates
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Jul 29, 2014

The content on has been reoganized and all the teaching and learning resouces are now accessible from the e-Learning Resources page.

It is now possible to access a variety of Soil Science educational resources such as the glossary, on-line searchable version of the Canadian System of Soil Classification, 3rd. ed., associated utilities for soil classification, photo journals, textbook, testcenter and demo-tutorials from this page.

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Jul 29, 2014

I am currently conducting research on 'Global Soil Science Issues of the 21st-Century' by building a database with titles, abstracts and keywords of major issues.

Follow the link to see the list and abstracts of Global Soil Science issues.

It is also possible to search the titles, abstracts and keywords from the records through this link.

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Jul 29, 2014

Download a PDF document titled 'Soil Science Collections at the University of Alberta and Curator Recognition'. It provides perspectives and pictures of the Soil Science Collections and the University of Alberta Curator Hall of Fame.

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Jul 29, 2014

In collaboration with Prairie Soils and Crops Journal, we have produced the following web resources:

Searchable Online Version of a Bibliography of Scientific Publications Based on Long-Term Crop Rotation Studies in the Canadian Prairies, 2012
(Full Paper)

Direct Link to the Search Page of 'A Bibliography of Scientific Publications Based on Long-Term Crop Rotation Studies in the Canadian Prairies', 2012
(Search the bibliography in multiple ways)

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Jul 29, 2014

In collaboration with Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada and NRC Research Press, Ottawa, Ontario, we have augmented the current and third edition of the Canadian System of Soil Classification with the following web resources which can enable a user to drill through the keys as well as search through the document:

Searchable Online Version of 'The Canadian System of Soil Classification', 3rd. edition, 1998 (Full Text)

Hyperlinked Keys of the 10 Soil Orders, Great Groups, Subgroups of 'The Canadian System of Soil Classification', 3rd. Edition, 1998

Search Form For Subgroups Within the Canadian System of Soil Classification, 3rd. Edition, 1998